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STRENGTH 1 and 2

At TFW, our position on strength as the corner stone of the TFW training method is clear. We believe that relative strength is king. Relative strength can simply be described as how strong someone is for their current bodyweight. The purpose of our TFW STRENGTH classes are to increase relative strength using tried and true movements and methods. For the lower body, we coach proper bi-lateral(both legs) and unilateral(one leg) squatting, deadlifting, lunging, and stepping variations. We take the same approach for the upper body; coaching proper pressing movements like pushups, bench presses and overhead presses. Powerful pulling exercises are included too, such as rowing variations and maybe the best marker of upper body relative strength there is: the chin up! In fact, as members lose weight and get stronger in our system, it is not uncommon to see them get their very first chin up, and a big boost to their confidence!

The big, compound movements we perform during these classes are safe at any age, build muscle, help decrease body fat, create structural balance, prevent injury, improve performance, and build self-esteem.

The practices are suitable for everyone, regardless of the starting level. Every practice is performed under the guidance of a qualified coach.

TFW Energy Circuit

In the TFW System, metabolic circuit training is a highly effective and time efficient way to combine multiple, full range movements for a maximum energy expending workout that will rev up your metabolism like nothing you’ve ever done before, while still challenging every muscle in your body.  On these days, we use a powerful combination of sprint variations, bodyweight movements, and moving light weights quickly(power) to create a metabolic stimulus will allow you to burn fat for up to 48hrs after the workout.

It is important to note that during our metabolic conditioning workouts, a heavy emphasis is placed on making every repetition a masterpiece to ensure that the technique or integrity of any movement is never sacrificed for speed.  For the safety of our members and to achieve the best results, we do not use heavy weights or perform highly technical movements while in a state of fatigue.  Yes, our conditioning days can be high intensity, but there are well defined rules that allow us to express this intensity in a safe, effective manner.

TFW Hurricane

The TFW Hurricane is our signature metabolic conditioning workout created to increase the strength and cardiac capacity of some of the world’s best athletes and fighters, all the way down to the general population and children.  The term “hurricane” might sound intimidating at first, but once you hear the actual science behind the name and experience one for yourself, you’ll know why it is our most unique and popular class.

A Hurricane is a 3 round, 9 set metabolic workout consisting of sprint variations and strength movements that, like a true hurricane, creates a quick, powerful disruption; cueing the nervous system to blow away fat and build new muscle.

Again, there are rules to the metabolic conditioning days at TFW, and we do not make exceptions when performing hurricanes.  Just like real hurricanes, there are different categories and movement regressions/progressions to fit the different ability and fitness levels of our members.

TFW Hurricane is suitable for all of those who want to challenge themselves and practice with their entire body. Also to those who do not yet flex their biceps or those who find the step to take part in group exercise classes too high.


Sensible Training

TFW Milton Keynes recommends that the training follows the equation of 4D + 4E (4 Days + Forever). The equation means two strength sessions, two TFW Hurricanes and at least two rest days a week.

Sufficient rest alongside practice and a good nutrition plan will help with the receovery. These are part of the journey towards a better tomorrow. TFW is not a sport but a way of life and philosophy, that will give you extra energy to your everyday life and reaching your passions.

Be Brave!

No one is born ready but with determined steps and with the help of TFW Milton Keynes, you will have the keys for change in your hands which will help you reach your potential.

Strength & Conditioning