"We Don't Break People, We Build People"

- Maija Bissett

What’s the difference that makes the difference?

Isn’t all fitness pretty much the same? Does it really matter what you choose to do? After-all, there are only a certain number of exercises, right? As long as you are moving and sweating, what else is there to worry about?

Firstly, yes something is nearly always going to be better than nothing. The only exceptions might be if you are already stressed out, burned out, with injuries waiting to happen, and then decide to add some high intensity thrashing! There might be something else you need to do first?

While there isn’t one best training program for everyone, there are better choices for you based on your goals and needs. Basic exercises are basic exercises. But, they can be done terribly, or done great. Most people might be able to see the difference between something terrible and great, but how about something okay and something very good? Still a big difference in what is being done and the outcome, but it might take a more experienced or qualified eye to see the difference.

Kettlebells, boxing, ladders, ropes etc – are being used all over the place, but often not very well. Be less caught up in the tools being used and more about how and why they are being used.

How and why certain tools and techniques are part of a session or programme is even more difficult for the average person to understand and know what better choices are. The best way to know is to ask.

Is there a balance to the programme or do you end up doing loads of certain movements and miss out some fundamentals? Is there a priority of safety and individualisation, or is everyone simply expected to do the same thing and keep up regardless?
Is the programme based around certain fundamentals or does it randomly chop and change based on the latest piece of kit or the most recent you tube video the instructor watched? Can you see a solid progression – could you imagine where you might be one year from now?

Lastly, what is the culture like and the ethos of the program. Is it some kind of hardcore ‘survival of the fittest’ ordeal, something that goes through the motions, or something that motivates and inspires you?

With all of these potential areas of choice, I believe the Butterfly Factory does a great job. There is a great balance to the variety and intensity of the sessions and the exercises. We always emphasise technique, quality, safety, and individualisation. Everything is done for a reason, follows key principles, and is part of a progressive programme. We aim to create a great welcoming atmosphere that motivates everyone to do their best and improve.

Hopefully this gives you some better ways of looking at what you do or what you might do to make the right choice.

The Ultimate Goal Of Any Training Program Should Be… To Allow You To Fulfill Your Potential. This is the true measure of successful performance.


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