I am going on holiday during the course, what will I do to keep up?

All our students are given individual attention and we can build suitable action plans for you during your holiday.

I am unable to make a class, can I reschedule the class?

Of  course. Please contact us to reschedule as soon as possible and no later than 4 hours before the class.

The 8 week challenge has 4 sessions in the schedule but the course says only 3 sessions per week. Why is that?

Extra sessions are scheduled for students who need to catch up. All students are welcome to join the extra session to assist their fellow challengers.

I would like to suggest a change to the timetable, would you consider it?

Yes. Please email us your suggestion and we can review it.

When are you publishing classes to allow booking?

Currently classes are added to the booking system on a Sunday for the week after the upcoming week.

I would like to book my different classes in one go, can I do this rather than individually by the booking system?

Yes. Once you have added your user to the booking system, we can book you onto any (or many) classes by our booking calendar. Just let us know which ones you would like to participate in.

What should I wear?

Enjoy your workout in comfortable gym wear. The Dojo is air conditioned for your comfort and the grass is cushioned to minimise impact on joints, so much so that many prefer to work out bare foot.

Do you have facilities for children?

Unfortunately, the Dojo is not a creche. Responsible children are welcome to sit and support, or, wait in reception (bring their own entertainment).

Active children are also welcome to participate in the classes with a responsible adult present.