"Thanks to my wonderful trainer, so far on my holiday I have challenged myself and succeeded in getting up a steep sand dune and walking 1.3 miles up a steep hill in the heat and lived to tell the tale, lol. last year here I hobbled round on a stick. "


"I love your ethos. The Butterfly Factory is for people go who WANT to get fit & not hide behind a running machine! Maija is professional, supportive, great fun & hard work 🙂 "


"Maija is a life changer. Her inspiration got me from my desk to running half marathons. I am fitter and stronger because of her."


"I feel much better in myself and stronger. My leg pain has gone, all from working the TFW system with Maija. She is an enthusiastic coach and a role model who inspires."


"I was referred to Maija to help alleviate my shoulder pain. She worked wonders that other therapists failed to do."


“Coming to TFW is completely different to just going to a gym. Here is an experience and it’s not just about exercising. For me, it’s training and not just training my body, training my mind and becoming more emotionally stronger as well as physically stronger or mentally stronger. It helps me not only become more physically fit, it’s been helping me in my everyday life at work, just all around. It’s more than just exercise, it’s a community. People are just so supportive and the coaches are amazing."


“The biggest thing is my energy levels. Before I started TFW, I couldn’t get out of bed. I just got out of bed and go about with a bad attitude and didn’t want to attack life. Since training, my energy levels are through the roof. I’m enjoying what I do now. My wife is seeing it, she has been noticing that in me in that aspect."


“I can honestly say that I have never been into fitness. I liked the idea of losing weight and being strong, but not enough to do anything about it. Finding TFW changed everything. The coaches are mentors and guides. They are the people who believe in you when you don’t believe in yourself. They have created a place that is truly remarkable in a sea of options. They showed me that this is my place. The place that focuses less on building strength and more on discovering the strength that was inside you all along.”


“Training For Warriors has totally changed my life.  I’m down 23lbs – I’m stronger and I feel better about ME than I have in years.  The investment in my health has been more than worth it.  Actually, I think I save money every month now that I’ve developed new, healthy habits that keep me in line with my goals.  I never knew I had this inside me; a WARRIOR!”


“It is hard to put into words what Training For Warriors means to me.  I spent most of my life being fat or going on unhealthy diets and feeling bad about my appearance.  Training For Warriors is the first gym I have been to that makes me feel like part of a family.  I feel like I can be myself and that I am growing every time I walk away from a workout.  I have found a place that makes me want to work out every day and become a better version of who I am.  The coaches at TFW are a true motivator.  The results speak for themselves!”


“I knew I needed to do something to get in shape but I just couldn’t get started. I’m so glad I found TFW. It’s just what I needed to kick me into gear and get me on a lifetime path of healthy eating, exercise, and a good mental mindset. TFW is such a well-rounded program and a warm, friendly place. It’s not intimidating at all. The coaches have given me the personal attention that I need and have helped me to work and progress at my level. I’m surprising myself with the things I can do!”


“I’m down 30 pounds since I started TFW. I’m stronger than I’ve ever been; I have more energy; and a better attitude about life in general. I was the person who always thought, Oh, I can’t do that, I’m not fit enough. Now, I know I can try anything!”